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Library is an integral part of educational institutions as a collection of library materials, either the book or not book. In accordance with the title of this paper, the discussion includes the purpose of libraries, function libraries and library donations towards the implementation of educational programs.

A. School Library Purpose.

The main objective of organizing the school library is to improve the quality of education together with elements of other schools.While other purpose is support, support, and complete all activities both curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities, in addition is also intended to help foster student interest and develop talent and strengthen teaching and learning strategies.

However, in the school library when operational goals associated with the implementation of programs in schools, including:
1. Foster a sense of love, awareness, and reading habits.
2. Guiding and directing techniques to understand the content of reading.
3. Expanding knowledge of the students.
4. Help develop language skills and thinking power of students by providing quality reading material.
5. Guiding students to use and maintain library materials properly.
6. Provide the basics to the independent study.
7. Provide opportunities for students to learn how to use the library with a good, effective and efficient, especially in the use of reference materials.
8. Providing library materials that support the implementation of curriculum programs in schools both curricular, kokurikuler, as well as extra curricular.


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