Issue Background

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Issue Background

Issue Background
Science and technology is always evolving and progressing, in accordance with the times and the development of human thinking.The Indonesian nation as one of the developing countries will not be able to advance as long as not improve the quality of human resources of our nation. Quality of life of the nation can be increased if supported by an established educational system. With an established education system, allows us to think critically, creatively, and productively.

In the 1945 Constitution stated that the country we want to create a society yangcerdas. To achieve an intelligent nation, have formed learning communities. Learning communities can form if you have the ability and listening skills and a great interest in reading. If reading is a habit and entrenched in society, then obviously the book can not be separated from everyday life and is a basic requirement that must be met.

In the world of education, the book proved efficient and bertepat order as one means of education and means of communication. In this regard the library and library services should be developed as one installation to realize the objectives of the intellectual life of the nation. Libraries are a vital part and the greatest effect on the quality of education.

The title of this paper is deliberately chosen because the authors draw attention to scrutiny and need support from all parties who care about education.

B. Identification Problems (Background)
In accordance with the title of this paper “The Effect of School Libraries on Quality Education in Schools”, in relation to the implementation of education programs at schools, functions and contribution to the implementation of the program library. In connection with that title, then the problem can be identified as follows:

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