School Library Functions

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 School Library Functions

 School Library Functions
Based on the school library purposes, it can be formulated some library functions, as follows:

1. Educative function.

The meaning of educative library function is provide library materials in accordance with the curriculum that is able to arouse students’ interest in reading, developing power of expression, develop language skills, developing a style that is rational and critical thought and able to guide and nurture the students in terms of how to use and maintain library materials properly.
2. Informative functions.
The meaning of the informative function is a library providing library materials which contain information about the various branches of science quality and uptodate arranged regularly and systematically, so as to facilitate the officers and users in finding needed information.
3. Administrative Functions
What is meant by administrative function is a library should do the recording, completion and processing of library materials and organizing the circulation of a practical, effective, and efficient.
4. Recreational functions.
What is meant by recreational function library books in addition to providing knowledge also needs to provide the books that are recreational (entertainment) and quality, so that readers can use to fill free time, either by students or by teachers.
5. Research Function
What is meant by the function of research libraries is to provide a reading which can be used as source / object simple research in various fields of study.

C. Library Donations To The Implementation Of Educational Programs In Schools.
When observed in jenih, then the school library actually contribute to the implementation of education programs in schools.Donations / role of the library include:
1. Library is a source of knowledge and learning centers.
2. Libraries are a source of new ideas that could encourage the willingness of students to be able to think rationally and critically, and provide instructions to create.
3. Library will provide satisfactory answers for the students, as the demands of a sense of curiosity about something, have actually been built.
4. A collection of library materials (collections) in the library to provide reading opportunities for students who have the time and diverse capabilities.

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